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Main products are crude materials, intermediates, such as bispyribac-sodium, Mepiquat chloride, Hexythiazox.


Plant growth regulator


We expect to cooperate and communicate with you!

Jiangsu Runze Agrochemical Co., Ltd. is developed from original Changzhou Jiangnan Insecticide Factory founded in 1984. It is a comprehensive agrochemical enterprise specialized in insecticide research, preparation processing and selling. It is located in Houyang Chemical Park of Jintan City, central region of Yangtze River golden triangle. And it enjoys convenient transportation with Shanghai at east, Nanjing at west, Hu-Ning railway, Hu-Ning highway, Zhen-Li highway, Yanjiang highway nearby.

Since establishment, our company cooperates closely with China Agricultural University, Jiangsu Agricultural Research Institutes, Jiangsu Insecticide Research Institutes and etc. Main products are crude materials, intermediates, such as, bispyribac-sodium, Mepiquat chloride, Hexythiazox.

Our company insists on tenet of “quality is life of enterprise”. We control quality strictly. And our products are not only welcomed in over 20 provinces and cities, but also have been exported to Southeast Asia, Brazil, Vietnam, Pakistan and Europe, America. Bispyribac-sodium product wins high reputation.

Nowadays, our company has successfully developed Pyrithiobac-sodium and pyribenzoxim active compound. Its technology level is among leading position.

Jiangsu Runze Agrochemical Co., Ltd. would like to serve wide friends with most competitive product. And we expect to cooperate and communicate with you!

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Hexythiazox,Mepiquat chloride...

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